Important Documents to Show Your Attorney after a Motor Vehicle Accident

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and thinking about hiring an attorney [or already hired an attorney], your attorney will ask you to provide documents to better understand your case and help you recover. Here is a list of a few documents that your attorney may ask for, so it is important to keep them near and safe.

  • INSURANCE POLICY AND INFORMATION Have your policy documents handy, with at least the name, policy number, and vehicles that the policy covers. If you cannot find a copy of your policy, your attorney, with your approval, will obtain one from your insurance company. It is best to have a copy of your policy in your car and wallet at all times.
  • EVIDENCE OF PREMIUM PAYMENTS If you have a policy, you will need proof that your automobile insurance premiums have been paid. Statements and payment stubs show that your policy is paid up and will likely speed up your recovery.
  • ALL INFORMATION EXCHANGED AT THE SCENE OF ACCIDENT Names, emails, telephone numbers and even insurance policies are usually exchanged at the scene of the accident. If you have this information, your attorney will need it as your attorney will be the point of contact for the other party once you hire an attorney.
  • POLICE REPORT Police are called to the scene in many cases and are required to write up a report of
  • TICKETS RELATED TO THE ACCIDENT If you’ve been issued a ticket for the accident, be sure to provide the ticket for your attorney.
  • ALL PHOTOGRAPHS It is best to take photographs as soon as possible to get an accurate depiction of the damage. Provide the attorney with all images you have from the accident. If you do not have any, inquire the insurance company as they are sure to have some taken.
  • STATEMENT OF WITNESSES AND YOURSELF Oftentimes, you will be asked to provide a statement of the accident by your insurance company. If you’ve written your statement, provide a copy of it
  • MEDICAL RECORDS If you have sustained physical injuries and seeked care and medical attention, keep good track of your medical records so that your attorney can see what your diagnosis is and obtain an idea of how to recover for your injuries. If you are not able to keep track of the records, provide your attorney with the name and address of the medical provider, and your attorney can obtain those records with your written permission.
  • PAY RECORDS OF LOST WAGES If you’ve lost time from work as a result of the accident, your attorney may be able to recover lost wages. You will need to provide evidence of your earnings prior to the accident so that your attorney can calculate how much wages you’ve lost due to the accident.